VOIP Phone Service Features
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VOIP Phone Service Features

Get the phone features you need with affordable VOIP services from TinCanTalk.
 Standard VOIP Service Features   Business Phone and Hosted PBX Service Features  
  > Caller ID
> Call Waiting
> Call Forwarding
     Forward On Busy
     Forward When Unavailable
     Forward Always
> Follow Me / Find Me
> Three-way Calling
> Call Transfer
     Assisted Transfer
     Blind Transfer
> Call Return (*69)
> Voice Mail
     Remote Voicemail Access
     Notification Stutter Dial Tone
     Message Waiting Indicator
     Email Notification
     Email Notification with Sound File Attached
> Incoming Call Black List
> Anonymous Call Reject
> Outgoing Call Blocking
> Call Recording
> E911
> Web Based Call Logs
> On-line Phone Management Portal (web page)
> Soft Phone and SIP Device Capability
> Virtual Numbers($6.00/mo)
> Keep Your Number (LNP)
> On-Line Fax Service ($9.95/mo)
> Fax Capability   ( Click to Learn More )
  > All Standard VOIP Service Features Included
> Multiple Inbound Numbers
> Unlimited Extensions / Multi-line Phones
> Multiple Ring Group/ Hunt Group
> Waiting Room
> Auto Attendant (IVR)
> Custom Announcements
> Paging and Intercom
> Conference Room
> Time Conditions (time of day route)
> Day / Night Mode Control
> Company Directory
> Dial by Extension
> Dial by Name
> Incoming Call Routing
> Outgoing Call Routing
> Music on Hold - Customizable
> Callback

With TinCanTalk all of our basic calling features are included in your monthly plan. With your TinCanTalk VOIP Account Manager and your dial codes, you have full control over all of your calling features. Unlike traditional phone companies, you don't have to call every time you want to make a feature change to your service.

If however you would like assistance, you are welcome to call TinCanTalk Customer Support at 408-779-1748     . We are always ready to assist you.

  Some features are equipment dependant.   Your internet quality may affect some of these features.   All features listed are subject to change without notice.  

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