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Member since: Apr 2011

Re: TinCanTalk - You won't be sorry if you choose them!

Posted on: Apr 18, 2011
Great Customer Service. The sound quality is so clear. It works! I am saving so much money. No down time. No Surprises.

GREAT Folks. Everyone I have talked to is so friendly and helpful.  When I first started with them, I was afraid to try to hook it up. They helped me over the phone.  They were so patient with me. Got it working as fast as I could plug it in. I have been with them now for a year and the phone service is wonderful. 

Their price is what they say.  No Surprises.

They had a problem last September, but they took care of it in such a professional way. Everything is now fixed and the reliability is even better than before. I love them.

You won't be sorry if you choose them!


Member since: Sep 2008

Re: TinCanTalk

Posted on: Feb 20, 2011
Tincantalk is one great company to do business with. The customer service is superb. The husband and wife time work together to give you the best in customer service. Any issues that I have had have been resolved to my satisfaction. Keep up the good work Tincantalk. The phone quality is excellent.
There is nothing that I can't say.

This is my fourth provider.  They are the best in customer service and support.   All other providers give you lip service without resolving the issue.  They have lived up to their name in customer service and support.


Member since: Mar 2010


Posted on: Mar 17, 2010
Features, Reliability, the Best Customer Service and Saving Loads of Money!

We've been using the VOIP Virtual PBX from Tin Can Talk for about a year now. Lots of great features, solid reliability and personalized customer service second to none. We have offices throught the Untied states. All of our reps are connected through the PBX including their VOIP lines, cell phones or landlines. The system works seamlessly. Any one in the company or any of our customers dial the three digit extension of anyone anywhere and the system connects us. We communicate through regular conference calls with as many as a dozen callers at atime. AT&T doesn't even know how to do this anymore (I tried). The Tin Can Talk PBX system provides us with the capability and it's 100%, 100% of the time. Voice mail to email is a great time saver. Our reps use iPhones and Blackberry's and receive their voicemail via email wherever they are. I could go on and on about the features but the bottom line is that this capability would cost us over a thousand dollars a month from AT&T but from Tin Can Talk we pay a small fraction of that amount. It doesn't get any better!


Member since: Oct 2009

TinCanTalk - one outstanding company!

Posted on: Oct 17, 2009
Unbeatable service, great options, and crystal clear voice
NONE – and I’ve looked!

TinCanTalk – is one outstanding company

I recently moved my company from New Jersey to North Carolina, and learned that the easiest way to take my corporate phone numbers with me was to use VOIP. I contacted a number of companies and found the service of each to range from non-existent to appalling. That is until I found Jerry at TinCanTalk. I decided to install the TCT VOIP system while I was in NJ and then take it with me “debugged” to NC.

My NJ telephone company provided a nightmare combination router and modem with my DSL. Jerry solved the problems and delivered a perfectly working system.

When I moved to NC I used cable internet connection with my choice of modem and router per Jerry's advice, but even then things got complicated. Yet again Jerry delivered a fully functioning system. There are so many great TCT service options Jerry spent all the time necessary, training me to get the most out of the system.

And its not only Jerry who is service oriented, all the folk at TCT are a pleasure to do business with.

Bottom line, I cannot recommend TCT more highly! If you are even thinking about VOIP then use TCT you will not regret it!



Member since: Oct 2009

The BEst Ive ever tried

Posted on: Oct 08, 2009

Ive tried many VoIP providers and TinCan is the best by a long shot. Every feature of the big boys and unsurpassed service and support. In fact the owner and his wife often assist customers personally ! If you give them a call about you'll know what I mean. Innitally I was weary about not going with one of the large providers by the reviews I read here about them are spot on ! They are awesome. Customer service makes all the difference in the world !

Thanks Tim Can / Jerry. You've earned every accolade people have said about you here.
John Bennett
Indianapolis Indiana


Member since: Oct 2009

Tin Can Talk customer review

Posted on: Oct 06, 2009
Professional, tech savy and user friendly; in house customer service of the highest caliber. Good system features. One of the best customer oriented companies I've ever worked with.

I got an assignment to buy a new phone system and to reduce the cost of phone service for the company I work in. I quickly saw that hosted VOIP was the way to save money, but I didn't know what to expect in quality and reliability. The people at Tin Can talk were willing to answer all questions for me. Before I ever spent a dollar with them I must have called a dozen times as different questions came up. They were great. I got sensible, understandable answers to every question. I almost always got same day response to phone calls or e-mail - often within an hour. Let me say that I talked to at least 5 other phone service providers and none of them even came close to Tin Can service.

I have now had the system running for several weeks and it has exceeded my expectations. Everything about it is excellent: Voice quality, PBX features, reliability, ease of use, price - everything. Several individuals, and a sister company have also subscribed to the Tin Can service with equally excellent results.

I highly recommend Tin Can Talk, and I can hardly praise the people enough. If I could give them a 7 star rating I would do it.


Member since: Sep 2009

TinCan Talk has Great Service AND a Great Product!

Posted on: Sep 18, 2009
The entire company ROCKS!

The best service from any "SERVICE" related business I have ever delt with! Down to the billing department and the tech service end. Where can a customer call and actually get to talk to the TOP GUY who actually knows what he's doing! When the people are right the deal is right! Keep it up TinCan Talk!


Member since: Jul 2009

Tin Can Talk Customer Support & Service ROCKS!

Posted on: Jul 01, 2009

This VOIP provider was excellent. We had a project that needed to relay the OCNumber for the Phone Tag subscription service. Other VOIP providers did not offer this service but they figured out a way to do it. They also answered & returned calls/emails QUICKLY & in detail. No prewritten templates that don't answer your questions!

Would most definitely sign up again!



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